Our students love Adventurelore! Founded and operated by Dr. Jason Holder, Ed.D., the experiential learning program uses the outdoors to challenge individuals and groups to develop confidence, physical competence, and environmental awareness.

Students may find themselves kayaking in the ocean, climbing a rock face, navigating a ropes course, or orienteering in the New Hampshire woods – often for the first time. By facing fears, working together, and learning new skills, students build up invaluable lifelong qualities, such as perseverance, teamwork, and self-advocacy.

Both the Lower and Upper Schools typically have two Adventurelore days each month. Most Adventurelore activities take place at their headquarters in Danville and other adventure sites in southern New Hampshire. LSA educators also participate – and collaborate with the Adventurelore staff – to help students bring the skills and attitudes they’ve learned back to the classroom.