Admissions Process

Step 1: Get in touch

The admissions process typically starts with a phone call from a parent, guardian, or the student’s school district. LSA’s Executive Director Karen Staines will answer any questions you may have – and ask you many questions about your child. You can then schedule a tour of LSA. (Some parents choose to submit the application before their visit.)

Step 2: Parent visit to LSA

When you come to LSA, you will meet with the Executive Director for a more in-depth conversation about your child and what LSA can offer. You’ll take a tour of the school and meet the students, educators, and staff who make up our community. The visit usually takes 1-1½ hours.

Step 3: Apply for admission

If LSA seems like an appropriate match for the student, then the parents or guardians complete an application and submit information about the student, including:

  • A current Individual Education Plan (if there is one)
  • Any recent evaluations
  • Samples of the student’s work
  • Anything else that may help the admission team learn about the applicant
  • $100 Application Fee

Step 4: Application review

Once the submission is complete, the admissions team will review the information. (The team includes the Executive Director, the Education Director, and other staff as needed.) If it appears that LSA can serve the student, then he or she will be invited to spend a day at LSA.

Step 5: Applicant visit to LSA

The applicant will attend a typical schedule of classes with a current student who acts as a peer guide for the day. The visit gives prospective students a chance to experience what it’s like to be part of our community of learners. It also gives the staff an opportunity to better understand the child and his or her abilities and challenges.

Step 6: Evaluation and decision

After further discussion, the admissions team determines whether LSA is a good fit for the child. A decision for admittance to LSA is usually made within a week of the application’s visit. (In some cases, a child may be invited back to the school for a second visit.)

Step 7: Enrolling

If the student is admitted into LSA, they will be invited to enroll. Students may enroll at any point during the school year, as long as there is an opening. Upon acceptance, all of the necessary paperwork is sent to the family. New students are required to have a current physical exam. (We follow the recommendations of the state of New Hampshire regarding immunizations and medication administration.)

“LSA changed the course of our daughter’s life. After struggling in middle school, both academically and socially, she now loves school, takes pride in her accomplishments, and her life is filled with joy. We would have moved anywhere for Lauren to go to LSA, and we are so lucky it is right here in seacoast New Hampshire.”

Current Parents

“Before LSA, our son was falling apart in every way imaginable. Addressing his academic needs felt like a pipe dream, and we prayed only for an educational environment where his spirit would not be crushed on a daily basis. After three years at LSA, he has blossomed into a passionate learner, producing a level of work we never thought possible!”

Current Parents

“We have LSA to thank for making our son feel just like everyone else. Now now he can concentrate on school—and friends.”

Current Parents

“Before my daughter started attending LSA in fourth grade, her confidence was low and she didn’t want to go to school because other students would make fun of her. But she has flourished in the LSA environment, and her confidence has been restored. I never have a problem getting her to go to school because she has made great friends, loves her teachers, and loves learning.”

Current Parents

“LSA honestly does ignite the energy it takes to study, learn, and teach in spite of challenges. Absolutely everyone who is a part of LSA stretches to reach students’ goals. Parents express relief when their child is happy to work and learn. Students greet visitors with a smile and a handshake. Teachers are solid with the basics but also creative and thoughtful.”

Mary Anker, Board Chair

“Everyone should know that a gem of a school exists that can fill that wish of finding a school that understands the educational, social, physical, and emotional needs of their students.”

Mary Anker, Board Chair

“LSA has been able to help so many children become young adult and achieve goals they did not think were possible prior to attending LSA.”

Thomas Beamer

“LSA is comprised of dedicated and talented teachers under an exceptional Executive Director. Together this entire community works to meet the needs of our students who flourish academically and socially while enjoying their journey at LSA.”

Carolyn Beaulieu, Treasurer

“LSA is a gem in the seacoast tri-state region. The students who attend LSA will live a better life because of their experiences here – and will enrich the lives of those around them.”

Carolyn Beaulieu, Treasurer

“I have listened to student after student tell me how their teacher helped them learn their way. Each story was unique – just like every student.”

Colleen A. Meader

“LSA is special because of its great teachers, great administration – people that care about the kids and giving them the ability to learn.”

Gary Rohr

“Every student at LSA is unique and given the right tools to succeed they become confident and productive individuals in society.”

Sarah Swenson

“I've known the school from its very beginnings and have watched, with delight, the growth of this institution.”

Paul Whitcomb

“I believe that learners with challenges merit a passionate advocate for their program.”

Rosemary Zurawel, Secretary

“LSA has created a balance of meeting student learning goals while offering each student a community that supports their social and emotional growth in addition to their academic success.”

Rosemary Zurawel, Secretary

“LSA is a school community devoted to the individual's growth in a warm and safe environment.”

Rosemary Zurawel, Secretary

Are you ready to ignite your child's ability to learn?

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